Meet The Team

Tod Creneti

Facilitator and Coach

Tod has spent over 30 years as a leader and coach in various settings. While his path began on the athletic fields where he built championship teams in a variety of sports, Tod has been applying his teaching and coaching skills in the business world for nearly a decade. Focused on helping teams of all kinds become their best, Tod has been able to translate the lessons learned on the field into improvements in performance and culture in the workplace. ​

Tod completed a Master’s Degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and continues to commit to his own growth as a professional. His approach to teaching and coaching is based on a deep understanding of how the human brain works, especially as it’s facing transformation. While his coaching and training sessions cover much ground related to human behavior, his work frequently helps clients shift mindsets, improve emotional intelligence, and operationalize servant leadership. Tod’s clients have improved personal performance, rebuilt struggling cultures and created work environments that are inclusive and challenge each team member to bring their best work to the table every day.​

Tod is best known as a motivator. He has built a reputation based on his honest and genuine approach. Helping others embrace adversity and achieve excellence remains the driving force in his life.​

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