Meet The Team

Stacy Bick

Chief Experience Officer


As the Chief Experience Officer, Stacy is responsible for ensuring our brand is the truest representation of the work we do while providing our clients with exceptional hands-on and heart led experiences. With over two decades of brand and marketing expertise and former Vice President of a branding agency, Stacy has had first-hand experience leading teams and working among organizations that were not functioning at full capacity. Her fierce loyalty to champion the ViDL brand from personal experience makes her a powerful resource and an integral member of our team.

Strategic. Problem-solver. Creative thinker. Organizer. Marketer. Brand steward. And now a facilitating member of the ViDL family. A master of time management, no matter how busy Stacy was in her previous leadership roles, she always found time to inspire and motivate others to live healthier lives through her growth development trainings, health education seminars, fitness and yoga classes and coaching and training of clients. Stacy is a Certified Wellcoaches® Coach, personal trainer, John Maxwell taught leader, 200-hour certified yoga teacher and personal development junkie.

Known for her powerful presence and delivery, Stacy is a true teacher. Highly intuitive, she has an innate ability to lead clients to their edge, breaking down barriers and allowing them to realize their true potential. Stacy also strives to be a lifelong learner. She empowers each client through acceptance and understanding and she herself takes pride in her own continued grow through her work with clients.

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