Next Generation Wellness Training:

From Theory to Practice

Are you ready for the next generation of wellness?

In the past decade, many wellness professionals have been sold on a particular value for employee wellness and we thought we had the formula to make it work.
Health Assessments and biometrics to start. Then one activity and then another. Throw in some financial incentives … until your employees are jumping through an endless number of hoops to “improve their health” and you’re wondering if all this busyness is really helping.
We know you have a passion for helping employees improve their lives – and we know you want to make an impact. But, if you’re like many wellness professionals, you end up focused on administrative tasks, begging for resources, justifying why wellness really does “work”, feeling like you’re in a bubble and frustrated you’re not at the table when decisions are made.

It’s time to elevate your impact and influence!

If you want to …
  • Discover how to make a bigger impact on the wellbeing of those you serve
  • Build your credibility as a thought leader in your organization
  • Effectively request appropriate resources
  • Discover what works in terms of participation and engagement (and what doesn’t)
  • Learn to demonstrate the true value of wellbeing initiatives to business leaders
  • Learn to persuasively communicate with business leaders and colleagues
  • Get practical strategies for evolving your organization and yourself – and overcome obstacles to doing so
  • Hear from other wellness professionals who have overcome obstacles and successfully made the changes you want to make
  • Receive mentoring from experienced wellbeing professionals who’ve faced similar challenges
  • Get energized by having a clear path to get started
  • Build your confidence, knowledge and skillset
  • Elevate and expand your role in your organization (and beyond)
  • And find a supportive tribe of people who are on the journey with you …

This training is for you!

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