Rebecca Johnson is a seasoned expert in individual and organizational wellbeing. Blending her educational background in psychology and mental health with the practical knowledge she has gained from 25 years of experience in health promotion, Rebecca brings a unique perspective and skillset to her work with companies seeking to create lasting change from the inside-out. Rebecca developed the ViDL model out of the recognition that the conventional approach to individual and organizational health usually misses the mark – and that an integrated, forward-thinking approach is needed in order for organizations to truly flourish. Rebecca is recognized as a leader in her industry and can often be found speaking at conferences, contributing to professional papers or delivering trainings for peers.
At work and in her personal life, Rebecca is an innately energetic and positive person interested in learning, growing and contributing to the lives of others. When she’s not working, Rebecca enjoys the simplicity and contentment of books, podcasts, yoga, running, adventures with her children and family and almost anything outdoors.
Natalie Johnson is an expert in individual and organizational performance. She has over 30 years’ experience working with employers, healthcare systems and carriers on creating strategy that improves company productivity and individual performance. Natalie’s background in Exercise Physiology, Performance Nutrition & Performance Psychology sets the foundation for how behavior changes can have a significant impact on individual performance as long as there is connection to a meaningful purpose. She is an award-winning Health Coach, Performance Coach, Sports Nutritionist, and Performance Trainer. She has received a variety of awards including Healthcare Hero, Champion of Healthcare, Health Program Innovation Award, Corporate Wellness Leadership Award and Business Leader Woman Extraordinaire. In our fast-paced environment, Natalie helps individuals and organizations identify ways to sustain high performance while maintaining balance, health and happiness.
Natalie is described as highly energetic with a contagious positive vibe! Personally, she manages a highly demanding schedule of being married to a Law Enforcement Officer and raising two active boys!

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