Organizational Wellbeing

Organizational wellbeing refers to a company’s ability to create and maintain a culture where employees can fulfill their potential and the company can profitably fulfill its purpose. In today’s uncertain, competitive and highly demanding workplace, this is harder than ever. ViDL offers an array of services to help your organization create the conditions where employees give their best to the company – and the company gives its best to its people.

Consulting and Strategic Planning

We partner with your organization to:

  • Understand its uniqueness and formulate a strategy for creating a truly thriving culture
  • Provide guidance and evidence-based recommendations on cultural transformation and employee wellbeing initiatives that will positively impact employee health, engagement and performance
  • Ensure your resources are invested wisely in initiatives that are aligned with your company’s most important business priorities

Thriving Workplace Culture Survey™

Recognizing that culture and wellbeing are inextricably connected, we offer an innovative tool that assesses both. The Thriving Workplace Culture Survey gathers baseline data in six key areas: organizational identity; workplace climate; growth and development; leadership; work-life integration; and employee wellbeing. The survey can be delivered every 12 – 24 months to measure changes in both organizational and individual wellbeing.

Culture Visioning Workshops

High-performing organizations that sustain the test of time have clarity on their purpose (beyond profit); clearly stated core values; and a leadership team who ensures these values are used as the basis for decision making across the company. ViDL offers workshops for organizational leaders or the whole employee population designed to: help teams understand what culture really is (and what it isn’t); identify and protect the company’s purpose and core values; understand what behaviors are consistent and inconsistent with the desired culture; and come to agreement on how to hold themselves and others accountable for living the values daily. Workshops are led by a highly-skilled facilitator; length and time are flexible although a minimum of four hours is preferred.


“The strategy sessions, employee survey and practical tools you have armed us with are already making a noticeable impact in our culture.”
Greg, Division President, Building Materials Company

Create a culture where people live and work to their potential

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