Leadership Development

In any organization, those employees who are in formal leadership roles have a tremendous impact on culture, engagement, performance and profitability. Developing healthy, self-aware, transformational leaders who can effectively guide their teams and positively impact the company is essential. The company benefits further if a leadership mindset is fostered throughout the organization, even for people who are not in formal leadership roles.

ViDL’s approach to leadership development goes far beyond crucial conversations and psychometric assessments. We recognize that developing a cohesive team of quality leaders requires that each person embarks on a journey of self-improvement on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level – and that the cultural norms of the company foster authenticity, growth and development.

Since every company, leadership team and individual are unique, we prefer to understand the company’s strengths and gaps in terms of leadership before recommending the appropriate path to leadership development. However, as an example, our customizable trainings focus on:

  • improving total wellbeing
  • developing greater resilience
  • increasing self-awareness and effective-thinking
  • enhancing team communication and conflict resolution
  • fostering a culture of accountability
  • developing a psychologically safe workplace where candor and collaboration are the norm
  • creating greater alignment with the organization’s purpose and values


  • "The content was life changing. As a leader I sometimes sacrifice my own health & family for the work. This was a look in the mirror for me! It’s time to re-assess before it’s too late."

    — Peter, Investor Group

  • "As a leader she recognized my limitations and I appreciated her encouraging me beyond my comfort zone. I needed to go there."

    — Paul, Financial Group

  • "This was a powerful training that will change the way I view my work and my life."

    — Jane, Pharmaceutical Company

  • "I feel positive, happy and balanced as a result of this training and I walked in thinking nothing would help."

    — Sharon, Oncology Specialist Pharmaceutical Company

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