The founders of ViDL Solutions are nationally recognized speakers who inspire and transform audiences through interactive experiences. Today’s headlines are dominated by health and healthcare topics leaving people confused about their own health and what’s most appropriate for their organization. Our speakers’ topics and engaging formats add clarity, life and excitement to any event. Each keynote is customized to create a unique experience that is connected to the interests and needs of the audience and the organization.

Individual keynotes are available as well as sponsorships that foster participant engagement and support a thriving culture. Session titles and content are customized for each organization. Below are popular topics our speakers can address:

  • An Organization’s Hierarchy of Needs, Maslow Style
  • Creating a Thriving Culture
  • Emotional Intelligence: YOUR Emotional Impact
  • Emotional Resilience
  • Exercise and Movement
  • Fueling and Nutrition
  • Leadership Development
  • Mental focus (handling workload overload)
  • Performance and Productivity
  • Population Health
  • Women’s Health and Motivation
  • The Truth About Behavior Change
  • Shifting the Focus from Weight to Wellbeing
  • Stress: Your Solution to High Performance


  • "I was very impressed with the keynote from Natalie Johnson. We are already incorporating some of the recommendations in our patient meetings and presentation."

    — Kelly, Supervisor Hospital/Healthcare System

  • "Rebecca is one of the best presenters you've had. I find her manner and thoughtfulness and expertise extremely useful and informative. Can't say enough positive things about what I've learned from her. Thank you."

    — Participant, Conference Session

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