A purpose-driven approach to culture and wellbeing


Based on an updated understanding of health, human nature and behavior change, we combine the best of organizational and individual wellbeing to create truly thriving cultures. ViDL addresses personal wellbeing with a wide array of holistic programs and services that go way beyond physical health while also helping your organization address the systemic issues that affect your employees ability to live and work to their potential.

Organizational Wellbeing

Your company’s ability to profitably fulfill its purpose and sustain the test of time depends largely on its culture. ViDL offers an array of services to help your organization create and maintain a culture where employees live and work to their potential. We focus on three key areas: connecting strategy to purpose and values; developing quality leaders; and ensuring workplace climate supports the desired culture.

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Leadership Development

Developing leaders who can effectively guide their teams and positively impact company performance requires a multi-faceted approach that honors the complexity of human beings and relationships in the workplace. ViDL approaches leadership training with a flexible framework focused on: enhancing self-awareness and emotional intelligence; developing resilience; leading with authenticity; and creating teams where collaboration and high-performance are the norm.

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Employee Wellbeing

Employee wellbeing is an essential component of creating a culture where people live and work to their potential. But conventional wellness programs often miss the mark completely, creating busyness and activity without actually fostering better health, engagement or higher performance. Based on the latest understanding of human nature and behavior change, ViDL’s innovative approach addresses wellbeing with a holistic array of programs and services that offer employees’ meaningful resources to help them maintain or improve all aspects of their health.

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With more than 50 years of combined experience between them, ViDL’s co-founders bring a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to any meeting or event designed to improve organizational or individual wellbeing. Known for their uplifting spirit and ability to connect with any crowd, ViDL’s co-founders and keynote speakers can address a wide variety of topics from resilience to purposeful leadership to building a thriving culture.

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A Company Founded on Purpose and People

While we are proud of what we offer, the most important aspects of our organization are our Why and our How. ViDL’s purpose is to transform the health of organizations and individuals. We work to fulfill our purpose by adhering to a set of core values that guide our decision-making, our client relationships, and the way we treat each other:
  • We deliver presence, connection and contagious energy
  • We are purpose-driven and people-centered
  • We build authentic relationships through non-judgment, respect and appreciation
  • We strive for excellence – all the time
“Thank you for the remarkable impact that you’ve made on our team. Your culture workshop was exactly what we needed to significantly enhance employee engagement and our business success. The manner in which you delivered the program was engaging, enlightening and very valuable. In addition, the strategy sessions, employee survey and practical tools you have armed us with are already making a noticeable impact in our culture.”
Greg, President, Building Materials Company

Create a culture where people live and work to their potential

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